O.K. Electric Co., Inc. is a corporation based in Omaha, Nebraska providing all types of electrical construction in the Nebraska/Iowa area. We have the resources to bond and complete projects up to $37,000,000.00.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers have the electrical system best suited for their needs, when they need it, installed in the best professional manner.

O.K. Electricís office staff includes professional electrical engineers for all aspects of design-build projects, and BICSIģ certified RCDD's for designing LAN and communication systems.

Our field personnel are well-trained, experienced professionals committed to providing superior craftsmanship and value to our customers. We are proud to employ union electricians and linemen.

O.K. Electricís commitment to safety starts at the highest levels of management and includes a rigorous, proactive safety program including drug testing procedures and OSHA compliant training for all personnel.

About us

O.K. Electric Co., Inc. was established as a corporation under Nebraska law on August 1, 1951. Throughout the 1950's the bulk of O.K. Electric's business was the wiring of single family dwellings, apartment complexes, and small retail and office buildings. In 1956 O.K. Electric wired 60 % of the residences built in the Omaha area.

In the late '50's and early '60's, through continued training and the acquisition of specialized equipment and qualified personnel, O.K. Electric was able to transition into our current markets. These markets include:

Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Facilities

  • Commercial office facilities -- new construction and remodel work
  • School and library projects
  • Health care facilities including hospitals, elderly housing, skilled nursing, medical offices, etc.
  • Data processing facilities
  • Municipal water treatment facilities
  • Airport runway lighting projects
  • Retail shopping facilities
  • Manufacturing and processing plants
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Power plants
  • Ballfield lighting
  • Service work of all types

Heavy Highway and Utility Construction

  • Street lighting and traffic signals
  • Highway signing and lighting
  • Underground and overhead power distribution systems
  • Directional boring work

Multi-Family Residential Work

  • Construction and renovation of apartments
  • Residential service work

Telecommunications Systems

  • Data / Voice / LAN networks
  • Paging / Intercom Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Video
  • Access Control
  • Security Systems

Our office staff includes an estimating department of two graduate electrical engineers (including a registered professional engineer) and three BICSI-registered communications distribution designers (RCDD). Estimating and design are performed utilizing state of the art estimating and CAD software.

Other office personnel providing support for our operations are purchasing agents, accounting, secretarial, clerical, and warehouse staff, and a general superintendent in charge of all construction projects.

Our field personnel are union affiliated electricians and linemen. All are licensed and are required to stay current with new codes and new construction techniques through continuing education.

O.K. Electric's commitment to safety starts at the highest levels of management and includes a rigorous, proactive safety program including drug testing procedures and OSHA compliant training for all personnel.

Our strength and our success over the years are due to the ability and loyalty of our personnel both in the field and in the office. Maintaining a high standard for quality has earned us respect in our field and repeat customers. Attention to cost control and continuous training of our personnel have enabled O.K. Electric to remain profitable in a very competitive industry and adapt to changes in the marketplace.

The commitment of the management of O.K. Electric to its customers, its personnel, and the community will ensure the continued success of our company. It is our goal to be the best trained, best equipped, highest quality provider of electrical work in our market while still giving our customers the best value for their dollar.

Estimating Department

O.K. Electric Co., Inc. bids more than one hundred electrical construction projects each year. These jobs include commercial and industrial buildings, power plants and substations, apartment complexes and planned community housing, traffic signals and roadway lighting projects, computer networks and technology systems, and everything in between. Our estimating department is comprised of two graduate electrical engineers and three BICSI-registered communications distribution designers (RCDD).

Our estimating staff can quickly and efficiently interpret specifications and drawings with the use of state of the art estimating and CAD software to provide a hard cost or budget price for any project.

O.K. Electric is fully licensed and bonded to perform construction projects costing up to $30,000,000.00 in the Nebraska/Iowa area. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the workforce to handle any project from the design/development stage through the bid process to final construction.

Design - Build

O.K. Electric Co., Inc. will design electrical systems for any project in the Nebraska area. With two electrical engineers and three BICSI-certified RCDD's on staff, there is no element of electrical construction that we cannot design to our customer's satisfaction.

Our design department is especially adept at conceptualizing our clients' needs. With specialized design software and a keen vision for lighting, power, and LAN requirements, we have been very successful at putting together projects that are efficient and distinctly unique.

O.K. Electric can work with architects and engineers to design-build or design-assist to save time and money, and produce a better project. The construction phase of a project goes more smoothly when the contractor is brought on board during the design phase.

Data/Voice Networking

O.K. Electric Co., Inc. has been providing the Omaha metropolitan area with quality voice / data / video and LAN systems since 1985. Our technicians are fully certified to install copper and fiber to the latest EIA/TIA standards. We have a BICSI-certified RCDD on staff that oversees the design and installation of all technology systems.

We are a licensed electrical contractor fully capable of providing a complete network system, including all power requirements for computer wiring and miscellaneous active peripherals.

O.K. Electric uses the highest quality materials coupled with expert installation techniques and can offer a lifetime warranty on many cabling systems. We have the knowledge, skills, and testing equipment to ensure that your network operates at peak efficiency.

We will design your complete network or perform moves, adds, or changes to your existing one. No matter what size your project, we can design, build, or modify a network to suit your needs.

O.K. Electric has a superb history of servicing its customers after project completion. Be assured that our staff of technicians can service, maintain, and upgrade your network prolonging its useful life expectancy.

Traffic Signal &
Line Construnction

O.K. Electric Co., Inc. has a line construction department that routinely installs and maintains:

  • Traffic signals
  • Roadway signing and lighting
  • Underground and overhead power distribution systems
  • Substations
  • Directional boring work

Our crews currently perform work for OPPD (Omaha Public Power District) on an annual contract basis, which includes the replacement of up to 100,000 feet of underground distribution cable and associated transformers and switches.

Our line crews are also available on an emergency basis to assist local utilities companies and other customers for work arising from storms or other unforeseen circumstances.

O.K. Electricís line crews are among the most experienced in the Nebraska / Iowa area and can tackle high and medium voltage jobs quickly and safely.

Repair & Service

O.K. Electric Co., Inc. has been performing service and repair projects in the Nebraska/Iowa area since 1950. Our servicemen are fully licensed and have years of experience in solving problems of every kind in every field including industrial, commercial, and residential electrical work.

Our workforce has the skills to tackle jobs involving the entire range of electrical jobs, from 15,000-volt power lines to a doorbell button in a house. Our company is happy to assist the Omaha Public Power District and other utility companies in restoring power to homes and businesses when their crews are overwhelmed.

O.K. Electric has a fleet of phone-equipped service vans ready to solve your problem in the shortest time humanly possible. Our well-trained repairmen are backed up by knowledgeable purchasing agents in the office who use our buying power to provide the right equipment at the right price.

O.K. Electric's emergency phone number is: (402) 393-8200. Our company is poised to perform all commercial and industrial repairs 24 hours a day.

Project: Rosenblatt Stadium Improvements
Type: Ballfield Stadium
Location: Omaha, NE
General: Hawkins Construction Company
Description: A new entry for the stadium, this project includes all types of outdoor lighting, remodeling of the Golden Spikes management offices, and a state of the art video kiosk for the College World Series.
Project: A M C Movie Theatres
Type: Multiple Theater Cinema Complex
Location: Omaha, NE
General: M B K Corporation
Description: 24 theaters under one roof!

Project: Abbott Drive Enhancement Project
Type: Roadway Lighting
Location: Eastern Nebraska to Western Iowa
Prime: O.K. Electric Co., Inc.
Description: A project for Peter Kiewit Foundation, 712 decorative pole lights, with attendant bases and trenching, were installed along Abbott Drive, the motorway between the City of Omaha proper and Eppley Airfield. Along the site of the proposed city arena.
Project: Valmont Plaza
Type: Office Building Complex
Location: Omaha, NE
General: Kiewit Construction
Description: 230,000 square foot office building serving as corporate headquarters for Valmont Corporation. Features include: Unique computer-controlled low voltage lighting system, advanced security system, and emergency generator on each building rooftop.

Project: La Vista Public Library / Metro Tech Community College
Type: Library and Classroom Facility
Location: La Vista, NE
General: Meco-Henne Construction
Description: Community library with four story rotunda and large wood exposed structural beams connected to multi-story classroom facility.
Project: Traffic Signals @ 156th and W Dodge
Type: Traffic Signals and Roadway Signage
Location: Omaha, NE
Prime: O.K. Electric Co., Inc.
Description: Long span-type structure over busy intersection with accompanying signs and lighting. Pre- and post-pour placement of detector loops with directional boring and conventional trenching of computer communications and power lines.

Project: Westside High School Remodel
Type: High School
Location: Omaha, NE
General: Hawkins Construction
Description: Extensive remodel of existing school facility with large new addition.
Project: Bakers Supermarket & Shops
Type: Strip Shopping Center
Location: Omaha, NE
General: Construct, Inc.
Description: 125,000 square foot grocery store with adjacent strip mall consisting of retail shops.

Project: Pacific Springs Village Phase I
Type: Apartment Complex
Location: Elkhorn, NE
General: RDN Construction Management
Description: A planned community housing project involving a 60,000 square foot apartment building with a clubhouse of 14,000 square foot and duplex living units whose varying between 3500 and 5000 square foot each.
Project: Eppley Airfield Runway Lighting
Type: Runway Lighting and Signage
Location: Omaha, NE
Prime: O.K. Electric Co., Inc.
Description: Various types of runway and lighting recessed into pavement. Surface sensors and area lighting.

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